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School’s close

Well, it has been a month since my last (second) post on this blog.

The month has been long. Currently, I’m having a great time at Apple, and I’m helping get the Computer Science department ready for the coming school year in my spare time. This year we made large changes to our server infrastructure, and have been working almost non stop on that. The good news is that we finally have all of our users over in Active Directory, well, sort of…. Our solaris boxes didn’t want to play nice with AD like they had been in the past, so we are still maintaining two passwd databases, and syncronizing uids and gids between the two.

So now for migration. Not all of those solaris/unix users even exist in AD, we have over 4,000 accounts in our old unix domain, so right now we have our new nfs server mounted from both user databases on different servers. And on our old unix server we ended up putting big warnings to get people to test their passwords on the new domain. It ended up not turning out extremely bad.

So here is what we have left to do:

  • Get sunrays working across subnets again (Greg suspects a bug in the newest srss package)
  • Get (production) mail onto a linux server, get people to migrate their clients.
  • Finish packaging proprietary software from horrible install bundles (these people act like they are writing windows software, I don’t want an interactive click through menu! x200 lab machines is not manageable like this, I’m sorry) into a more redhat like rpm.
  • Fix all our account creation scripts to work well with our new AD setup (for now we are going to be using hacked together inline bash scripting to generate a fake passwd map for AD importation, we don’t have time to deal with this problem, too many others)
  • Probably other stuff/problems that come up

And on top of all this, I still have to complete my Apple internship, and move into my new appt down in SLO.

I think we can pull this off though, I’m sure the Saturday and Sunday before Septemer 17th will be crazy.

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