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My name is Josh Lange. I started this blog to replace the filler page I’ve had laying up on my domain for a good amount of time now (viewable from the wayback machine).

A little about myself:

Currently, I’m a Junior at Cal Poly in the field of Computer Science, and pretty much have no down time. I’ve been juggling a few jobs in the past few years, to gain work experience. I’m currently working for the Computer Science department right at school, along with helping a few small companies, including my mom’s, on the side.

Over the summer of 2007, I worked at Apple Computer as a summer intern. I found Apple to be a very nice company to work for, it was a much different experience then I have had at other places.

And over this summer (08′) I have been working at Google, which is aloting to a drastically different, but very exciting experience.

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