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You have reached a page with 3 scripts that I have made to access the DreamHost API's
Have fun!

This program runs much like DynDNS Updater, as a daemon on your computer (actually, this one has a lot less configuration ;-) ). When the IP of your system changes, the updater will give dreamhost your new IP. The idea is, you can have a static hostname for your home/office/etc computer, like

Assuming that you have services like SSH or rdesktop open to the net, you can connect to you computer from anywhere, for free!
Do you have all your data scattered around Excel documents?
Do you spend many hours manually inputting this data into dreamhost?

Well DreamCSV is the program for you!
  • Full API support, will also work with future API additions
  • Make an Excel document, save it as a CSV, and syncronize it with dreamhost
  • Export DreamHost data into a CSV document, for importation into other programs
Not everyone likes web scripting, or the web for that matter. So, why is the DreamHost API stuck on the web?

This is the simplest tool I am offering up. It is a simple wrapper that will let you access all the API functions purely via the command line.

No fancy tricks needed!